VOIP Phone Systems

An advanced, feature rich and secure business phone system that works over your internet connection.

Complete Unified Communication Solution. Voice and Video Calls.

Web based management for easy deployment of new handsets and alterations to ring and call hunt groups etc.

Hybrid ISDN, PSTN & VOIP options.

Scalable - no limit to extensions, geographical numbers or users.

Hosted in-house or in the cloud.

Feature rich - Voicemail to email, Call queuing. Digital receptionist (IVR) and much more.

Low cost telephone calls via our chosen SIP providers.

Full call reporting and call recording.

Unlimited local and national calls.

Intregration with Office 365 and common CRM platforms.

Use Softphone and mobile phone apps to extend the use of the system beyond the traditional desk phone.

Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) phone systems allows businesses to reap the benefits of traditional phone systems and an array of additional benefits that save their business money, increase productivity and allows for the use of new tools.

At Netsupport, we provide our clients with a multifaceted VOIP phone system tailored to their business and scalable and adjustable to how they want it to work.

Having great services but not understanding how to use them is always a problem for newly adopted techniques. At Netsupport, we guide you through all the benefits of VOIP phone systems, how they help your business and what makes them different from traditional business phone systems.

Business VOIP systems:

VOIP phone systems allow for all the traditional business phone services such as voicemail, call waiting, conference calling, caller I.D etc but also many additional benefits such as cheaper international call, voice to email, video conferencing and a reduction on hardware needs.

VOIP phone systems work by converting voice into digital data and sending it across your internet network. If you have an internet connection you can use all the tools of your in-house business phone system from anywhere in the world, call forwarding, queuing and conferencing is all possible at the click of a button.

Netsupport handles all your hardware and software needs. Simply choose an option that works for your business and we can get started right away.

VOIP Phone Service Tech:

Desktops, business phones and VOIP phone apps can be used to extend the communication methods beyond traditional models. Regular features remain of course such as a speakerphone, hold and transfer and multi-caller functions. Ask our team about the hardware options for your business.

Softphones use software installed on laptops, desktops and smartphones to provide the same functionality as desktop phones. They also include instant messaging functionality and video conferencing capabilities.

Unified Communication System:

VOIP ensures complete connectivity across your operating system. Easily transfer calls between departments, reach managers instantly, develop specific channels for team projects etc. Use email, instant messaging, video and voice calls all at once.

Web-based management allows for the easy deployment of changes, updates and group connectivity. Remote teams can easily plan calls and share information over a secure network.

Hybrid Phone Systems:

Netsupport can integrate VOIP phones and software with existing communication systems such as:

  • ISDN: Integrated services digital Network- An older system that uses phone lines to transmit digital data.
  • PSTN or POTS (Public switched telephone network)- Traditional phone line system using, cables, fibre optics, switching centres etc.

Hybrid systems are ideal for most businesses with existing office phone connections and those who are not entirely digital.

Healthcare and other essential services benefit from hybrid systems as traditional phone lines will remain functional in the event of a power outage or internet issues.

VOIP Scalability:

There is no numerical or geographical limit to the number of users on your VOIP phone system. Netsupport offers fully scalable options allowing for rapid onboarding or expansion of departments.

We guarantee the same level of connectivity and no downtime on the number of users.

If you have a busy call centre or many simultaneous meetings, having a scalable and managed VOIP system is essential.

Inhouse or Cloud VOIP Solutions:

Netsupport offers fully functional VOIP cloud hosting or in-house VOIP systems. But what is the difference?

  • Cloud-hosted IP-PBX- This means we house all the equipment needed and carry out the technical aspects of your VOIP system. Once connected to a router or internet connection your digital signals pass through the tech that we maintain. Our IP-PBX servers handle all your digital needs.
  • Inhouse IP-PBX- These systems used traditional existing ISTN line or other older systems and are usually part of our hybrid phone system for business. This will require in-house servers and IP phones.

If possible, we often recommend hosted VOIP due to the many benefits it holds over inhouse hosting:

  • Lower initial equipment and setup costs.
  • Low to no maintenance costs.
  • Easy to add lines.

VOIP Phone System Features:

A VOIP phone system is rich in additional features and benefits such as Voicemail to email, call queuing, virtual receptionist, Professional greeting configuration, Call me now etc.

Low-Cost National and International Calls:

Benefit from unlimited local and national calls at a fraction of the price of traditional networks and providers. It will cost you the same to ring an Irish number as it would a number in Europe or the states.

We have researched the best SIP providers to ensure you get the best deals on calls. Never worry about expensive bills again.

VOIP Reporting & Recording:

Keep track of important conversations and customer analytic information through our call reporting and recording capabilities. Never miss important meetings or events with the ability to replay conversations and meetings.

Get insights into customer service conversations, team meetings and areas of improvement across the board.

VOIP integration:

VOIP phone systems can be fully integrated with Office-365 and most common CRM systems. Perfect for business big and small.

An ideal tool for managing teams, transferring information and data in real-time and keeping ahead of projects and deadlines.

VOIP Softphones and App Technology

Software and mobile phones apps are used to transform traditional hardware tools into virtual desktop phones. Have all the capabilities and connectivity as if you were in the office. Ideal for employees on the road and those working from home. Often home hardware units lack the contact details and functionality as your office equipment.

Benefits of VOIP phone systems:

Some businesses are hesitant to make the switch from national PSTN networks to VOIP, even with all the features mentioned above.

Many businesses are used to using an older system, but like many of the services provided by Netsupport, if you do not adopt you will be left behind.

B2B customers will notice the difference if you do not adapt to a VOIP system. VOIP is modern, professional and allows for communication and support for customers and employees even when away from the office.

If your business is entirely digital then a switch should be made, otherwise, a hybrid system should be put in place. For example, we recommend healthcare and essential service use a hybrid system as it will still allow for calls to be made even if there is a power or internet issue.

Costs are Lower:

  • No new hardware needs to be purchased, VOIP phone systems can be adopted by most up to date systems and hardware.
  • Utilising work from home or remote employees is much easier as the cost to contact will be the same or less over a VOIP system and having a network that is interconnected allows seamless communication across time zones.

Mobility & Security:

  • VoIP software and apps allow for constant communication between teams, managers and employees.
  • Teams can work fully remote while maintaining contact at the same time, receiving important messages instantly.
  • VOIP allows for the addition or removal of connected devices so you can maintain security and availability to those in the right positions.
  • VOIP networks are as secure as traditional models, however, you may also reap the benefits of VPN, cloud and firewall safety should it be required.

Voice Quality on Call?

In the past, there were some issues regarding voice quality and lag time on VOIP system due to the number of users. Business phones receive a far higher volume of calls and connections than domestic use.

These past issues have been removed across all VOIP systems and all you will receive is great office phone quality and VOIP phones that can handle all your business needs.

How much does a VOIP phone system cost?

The business phone system you chose should be based on the needs and requirements of your customers, employees and business.

The cost of your phone system will be based on a few factors, the hosting choice, additional features that you choose and the payment type.

Month to month contracts is available as are longer contract periods. If your business has an internet connection, you will receive the all the benefits VOIP has to offer.

Netsupport and VOIP:

As governments and agencies slowly downgrade older phone networks, it is better and cheaper to be an early adopter of VOIP services. There is:

  • Low-cost installation
  • Cost-saving on hardware and maintenance fees.
  • Increased Customer support
  • Better management and communication solutions
  • An Irish based team ready to handle all your queries.

Call us today and we can discuss your VOIP options and how best to modernise your growing Irish business.

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