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Office 365 Apps - access to the Office suite on the move, across all your devices. Edit your spreadsheets, update documents anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Microsoft Teams - chat, meet, call and collaborate on Microsoft’s hugely successful conferencing and collaboration platform. Teams is the glue that brings the Microsoft suite together.

SharePoint Online - cloud based platform to share and manage company data securely to seamlessly collaborate across the organisation. Access data on the move, anywhere, anytime.

Security - protect your company’s data by enabling Multi Factor Authentication. Ensure that only your employees can access company data in the cloud.

Streamlined IT Operations - storing and collaborating in one space means that all your information is available on the move, in one platform which increases productivity and employee engagement.

Less hardware, less maintenance - reduce the hardware footprint and move everything to the cloud where possible. With 99.9% uptime, it’s the reliable source of data for your operation.

Microsoft 365 suite includes all the Office 365 applications along with the ingenuity and user-friendliness of the best Microsoft products, including Windows 10 pro. Increase productivity, communication and creativity by leveraging Microsoft 365 for your company. Store information, share and participate in projects, chat with colleagues and onboard new users easily.

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Have a look at the benefits and features of Microsoft 365 for your business.

The difference between Office 365 and Microsoft 365:

Office 365 is a suite of standard office apps including Word, OneNote and OneDrive. They were available on subscription or through in-house purchases. 

As of 21st April 2020, they have been combined with Windows 10 and the Enterprise Mobility and security services and renamed Microsoft 365.

Various versions are available:

  • Microsoft 365 Business: 365 Business is geared towards companies of up to 300 employees.
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise: 365 Enterprise is for larger companies with numerous offices and locations, within this, separate services are available.
  • Microsoft 365 Home: Home contains all the 365 Office apps plus a few extra tools for home use.

Benefits of Microsoft 365

Better Accessibility:

  • Microsoft 365 is available across desktop, laptop and smartphone devices. 
  • You can edit reports, update spreadsheets, share files and access data across all devices, from anywhere. 
  • Get work done while on the move or update your team with the latest information. 
  • Secure and easy to use, Microsoft 365 can be quickly rolled out for any new and existing enterprise.

Advanced MFA Security:

  • Worried about reports getting lost or human error? With Microsoft 365 you can enable multi-factor authentication (MFA), ensuring only the right individuals can access valuable company data.
  • Use existing hardware and software to increase security levels beyond the norm.

Streamline IT operations:

  • Have all your business tasks on a single platform and increase productivity and collaborations. 
  • Reduce the use of numerous apps and tools. 
  • Have a subscription service that allows you access to every app you need. 
  • Your team will never have to worry about storage solutions again, they can share and collaborate on the web even when out of the office.

Improved productivity: 

  • Improve productivity across your company using better resources, proper training and an understanding of what an all-in-one package from Microsoft can do for your enterprise.
  • Chance are your team already use Microsoft products, why not purchase a subscription so they can continue using the great tools on offer.
  • Constantly changing apps and resources impacts employee productivity. 

Reduce your cost and storage space:

  • Microsoft 365 allows for complete mobile and cloud use. Eliminate the need for in-house data and storage centres, free up valuable office space and you can downsize your company office space.
  • Share files digitally, use an app or other Microsoft tool to get tasks done.
  • Work on reducing your impact on the environment by eliminating paper and office supply use. 
  • Save on hardware and rental costs and bring your enterprise up to standard with Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 applications

Microsoft 365 comes with a plethora of ever-changing and advancing applications. Some of the most popular tools and apps are: 

Microsoft Teams:

A leading tool of Microsoft 365 is Microsoft Teams. A conference and collaboration platform, Microsoft teams are hugely popular with businesses big and small. 

Meet via video to organise tasks, discuss projects or simply catch up in your spare time. A well-crafted video conferencing tool, users don’t need to worry about downloading new apps and tools with Microsoft 365 and teams on your side.

Microsoft teams have grown to be one of the most popular videos conferencing tools.

A great productivity booster is the use of Teams to connect virtually, allowing for an office feeling even when away.

SharePoint Online:

SharePoint is your online storage centre. A secure app that allows for instant access at any time and from anywhere. Work on your files, share and store new documents on the cloud. SharePoint takes the hassle out of cloud storage and allows you to work smarter.

Microsoft Word:

Word is the go-to word processors for users around the world. Ideal for all your document needs. Productivity will never wane when using a well-known and useful app such as Word, get the latest version with 365.

Microsoft Excel:

Excel is another go-to app for businesses the world over. Ideal for basic data analysis and spreadsheet creation. Users either love or hate using this app, whatever your choice is, it’s still a brilliant feature to have available. A productivity planner, organiser and information point, Excel leads the way in digital planning.


Both an email and appointment calendar, Outlook should be your go-to company email. Functionally sound, professional-looking and easy to use. Businesses that adopt Outlook early often never change. Having a professional and globally recognised email brings great appreciation to many companies. Use email to connect with colleagues and clients. With the calendar function, never forget an important date, or schedule emails well in advance to mark important events.


The go-to presentation tool, PowerPoint has been in use for years and is perfect for disseminating information quickly during meetings and presentations. Make an interactive and interesting presentation at the push of

a button.


Gone are the days of the notepad, we now have OneNote, a basic yet accessible note-taking tool. Take notes on the fly and read and edit them from any other device when on the go. Great for capturing the small details during meetings or the morning commute.


OneDrive offered users up to 1TB of space, enough for almost all the information a user will ever use. OneDrive is cloud-based allowing for quick and easy recovery anywhere and at any time.

Power BI: 

Designed specifically for the enterprise package of applications, Power BI offers companies the ability to store, collect and organise and present business intelligence data. Perfect for big business with a massive influx of information but know why to analysis until now.


Flow notifies users of changes and messages across all the Microsoft 365 applications that they are using. Don’t be bombarded with messages from across the system but focus on the single notification when needed.

Microsoft 365 is continually updated with new tools and software. Chat with Netsupport and we can examine the best office apps for your company and how to make the most out of your move to the Microsoft 365 suite.


Every Microsoft 365 for business comes with a built-in Exchange server. This server handles all your email management needs. A great combination with your new email account. One less service for you to worry about. 

Which Microsoft 365 works for you?

Microsoft understands the needs of enterprises big and small and of private home users, that is why they have created three solutions for end-users. The information below is just a snapshot of what is on offer.

Microsoft 365 Business:

This is designed for companies with up to 300 employees.

With only basic security features but all the other outstanding offerings. Microsoft 365 business is ideal for early adopters or business wishing to become more streamlined. What’s included:

  • The Office 365 suite
  • 1TB of storage space for all your information
  • Device management capabilities via Microsoft Intune
  • Basic information and application security

Microsoft 365 Enterprise:

This is geared towards larger enterprises handling large amounts of data and requiring advanced functionality for wide-ranging business functions. Perfect for ever-expanding businesses and those which need additional security between all areas of your company. There are three separate enterprise tiers for businesses considering using Microsoft Enterprise, choose from:

F1 (for Firstline Workers)

  • Office 365 (minus Access)
  • Basic threat protection

E3 (Basic Tier)

  • Office 365
  • Basic threat protection
  • Office 365 Data Loss Prevention

E5 (Premium Tier)

  • Office 365
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Office 365 Data Loss Prevention 
  • Audio conferencing/Phone system
  • Advanced compliance tools
  • Analytic apps

Microsoft 365 Home:

The Microsoft office home is ideal for the infrequent user and/or students. It offers basic security features and access to the most important Microsoft 365 features. Individual or group access subscriptions can

be purchased. This is the ideal choice for those on a budget or who are developing their computer skills.


  • Individual user
  • 1TB of storage
  • Access to the latest Office apps
  • Seamless experience across screens


  • 2-6 people
  • 1TB of storage per person
  • Same apps and experience as the Personal plan
  • Premium safety features accessible via the mobile application

Rather than having an array of separate apps for your company, such as Zoom, Quick Books, G-suite etc, Microsoft 365 takes the hassle out of


Microsoft 365 provides companies with standard office applications and additional features such as online storage, advanced security, windows 10 pro and much more.

Netsupport services & Microsoft 365:

If you are looking to purchase a subscription to Microsoft 365 then we suggest you get in touch with Netsupport first. We can examine your company model, what your company goals are and the current applications in use. With this, we can provide insights into the best version of Microsoft 365 for your company. We can assist you in fully integrating it across your network.

The services we offer regarding Microsoft 365 include:

  • Training content production
  • Continued IT support and training
  • Troubleshooting solutions
  • App advise and insights
  • 365 Tips and Tricks
  • Mobile device compatibility
  • Video and Web training

Netsupport can provide installation, tech support, training and insights on how best to use Microsoft 365 and all the tools it has to offer. Purchasing a tool such as Microsoft 365 and underutilising it will cost your company time and money. Netsupport is here to help you fully understand and use the tools recommended for your company.

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