Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our Data backup & Disaster Recovery plans are tailored to suit the requirements of your business.

Backups are a combination of encrypted file, folder and database structures, and VMware replicas, system snapshots and images. Backups are 100% automatic and are securely held offsite in ISO accredited data centres.

Daily backup reports are monitored to ensure there is always a recent successful backup available for restore. We pair our off-site backups with on-site replicas to ensure you have a immediate access to data as required.

As part of disaster recovery validation and compliance we can run simulated disaster recovery tasks and spin up your entire IT environment on cloud servers allowing you to immediately rebuild your infrastructure.

NetSupport can assist your organization achieve resiliency by developing a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Strategy; a complex process that requires research, including conducting a business impact analysis (BIA) and risk analysis, as well as developing BCDR plans, tests, exercises and training.

A loss of data is detrimental to a business’s reputation and functionality. Human error, outside interference or damage to your system, can create untold issues for a business. Data backup and disaster recovery are core areas that we look at here at Netsupport. We have developed systems and safeguards to ensure that your business is always operational.

Our data backup & recovery plans are tailored to suit your business. 

Whether it is because of a cybersecurity attack, malfunctioned computer components, natural disasters or human error, the effects of losing sensitive business files are distressing. It is costly and downtime on a company’s server without data backup solutions can paralyze normal business functions.

At Netsupport we provide our clients with the knowledge and tools to help them safeguard their data and their company’s future. We are going to delve into the differences between data backup and recovery and what we can do to help your business in these situations.

Backup and disaster recovery, what is the difference?

Data backup and disaster recovery is the process of creating a copy or copies of information and set them up in server systems that allow a company to recover them in the event of a loss of data. These are two different processes that work together to minimize the consequences of unprecedented downtime that results from data loss from a company’s server.

For a deeper understanding, let us explore what these technical terms entail.

Backup and disaster recovery

Data backup 

This is the process of copying information and reserving them in a secure place, preferably a secondary server, in case you lose the files and need to restore them. Most data centers storage and safeguard information for global companies throughout the world. Netsupport only uses trusted ISO accredited servers to host our clients’ data. This ensures that data is offsite and in some of the most secure storage locations possible.

In other cases, we may use encrypted files and replicate file locations to help store data.

At Netsupport we ensure that backups are fully automated and that you have access to both offsite and onsite data files. This ensures rapid access in the event of an emergency or severe downtime from another source.

Business continuity is only possible with the right backup options put in place. You will come to see that cloud backup is one of the most beneficial and rapidly adopted backup and storage methods.

Disaster recovery

This is the process of initializing a set of protocols, tools, and resources that facilitate the rapid recovery of crucial information from a server or other storage location after a disaster. Reestablishing a return to normalcy is the sole purpose of a disaster recovery plan. As many businesses might have already ascertained, data backing alone is not enough to ensure a smooth-running of company processes after a disaster. Data backup goes hand in hand with disaster recovery if businesses are to experience success.

For this reason, Netsupport will train your team on disaster recovery methods, cloud computing and simulate disaster recovery protocols.

Knowing where your data is and knowing how to use and access it are two quite different things.

Core Netsupport Strategies

Netsupport believe in providing our clients with comprehensive plans and strategies to help them with their business continuity. This is done through well planned data backup and recovery systems and through a process of training in cloud support, teaching your employees to ability to restore data from various sources, locate recovery points and allow for data recovery in the event of a disaster.

A Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan

It’s important to have a plan and safeguards in place in the event of a major issue within your company’s system. Should your entire system crash and need to be rebuilt, you will need to know how to function in the meantime. This may include training staff on using different systems and servers, accessing cloud data, and locating the correct data.

Multiple storage systems may be in place depending on the size and safeguards put in place for your systems. Your staff will need to know how to locate encrypted files and read the data from them. Netsupport provides this training and knowledge. Safeguards and training can be scaled up depending on the size and needs of your business. 

Just like a fire escape protocol, your employees will know where to be and what to do now of a disaster, ensuring your business continuity and the recovery of any missing data.

Business impact analysis (BIA) and risk analysis

With over a decade of experience within the IT and security field, Netsupport is well equipped to test and analyses your business for potential threats errors and areas of improvement. This includes testing your existing system and safeguards, following up on data storage and protection and your employees’ approach to data security. 

We can help you improve existing safeguards and recovery options or develop an entirely new system that is better shaped towards your business.


By running a risk analysis and finding areas of improvement and strategies that will work for your business, Netsupport can help ensure that any issues your businesses faces are of minimal impact. We will conduct tests, exercises, and training with your staff, so they are ready for every eventuality.

We will only conduct changes where we see fit, so your time is used most efficiently.

Together we will create a plan with actionable and crucial information and data which will allow your business to function even after a disaster.

Why invest in data backup and disaster recovery?

Backing-up of data and initiating recovery of sensitive company information is of paramount importance. It goes a long way in ensuring business continuity. Companies that suffer the loss of data due to negligence, natural disasters, or cybersecurity attacks, with business paralysis going on for ten days or more, are more likely to shut down within the year. Considering the effort, dedication, and time it takes to build a business, preparing yourself for a probable data loss is one of the best ways to keep your company afloat.

Below are some of the reasons why businesses should formulate a recovery plan before disaster strikes.

  • Reliability

With data backup solutions, you can say goodbye to the tedious process of manually copying information to external hard disks and the likes, as they allow for automated processes that back-up data every day. Since these processes are done on cloud platforms, retrieving information is fast, easy, and is done remotely. All these disaster recovery processes promote reliability, working towards business continuity.

  • Cost-efficiency

A disaster recovery plan requires financing. However, this is nothing compared to the financial strain the business undergoes after a data loss. Some of the challenges a company undergoes due to loss of data include litigation. The fines, penalties, and restoration charges can quickly rise to a couple of hundreds of dollars, which is detrimental to the enterprise if what you are looking for is business continuity.

For this reason, setting up a disaster recovery plan is of the utmost importance. It is even more cost-effective if data is stored in the cloud as it eliminates the need to use physical storage facilities.

  • Business Growth

Customers play a huge role in the growth of a business. Keeping copies of data safe and recovering the files are measures that assure your clientele of the safety of their sensitive information. Also, since disaster recovery means minimizing possible downtime, your clients are assured of the continued provision of high-quality services even at the onset of a disaster, which is great for business continuity.

Processes used by Netsupport.

Many strategies can be implemented by Netsupport to assist with your Backup and disaster recovery. Some of the most common methods and approaches are probably already in place at your business, but we will look at some of them and how they help your business.

Snapshot-based replication

Snapshot-based replication can be used for backup or disaster recovery. Snapshot based replication copies an image or folder from a point in time and only records recent changes, this helps limit the amount of space that you need.

Of course, your data is only as recent as the latest snapshot so if you only save hourly or daily, you must be willing to lose data. 

Continuous replication

Many organizations are moving toward continuous replication for disaster recovery as well as for backup. This method continually copies changes, it is a common feature of office word and something you have most likely been using for years without realizing.

Traditional backup methods

More traditional methods are simple floppy disk and USB copies of information but as these can be lost or interfered with most companies are adopting a cloud storage and backup and recovery method for their business.


Safeguarding company and client data is a non-negotiable for any industry which takes itself seriously. It’s important to have disaster and backup and recovery protocols in place. It is also essential to have the facilities to protect your company and customer data.

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