Hardware Sales

We procure equipment from all the major suppliers.

Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Hybrid Devices.

Consumable advice.

Printers & Scanners – One off purchases or Managed Print Solutions.

Upgrade & Replacement parts.

Networking Equipment: Routers, Switches, Cabling, Cabinets, Firewalls.

Free next day delivery.

Expert Purchasing advice tailored to your requirement.

Hardware as a service – Pay for your hardware on a monthly basis.

Hardware as a service – Pay for your hardware on a monthly basis.

Knowing what hardware, you need for your company can be just as difficult as procuring the right team, location and products for a successful business. Netsupport is here to help our customers make the right sales choice. We provide sales suggestions and IT solutions for our clients.

We seek out sales deals with the best manufacturers to save our customers time and money. We work with all major suppliers in Ireland and can provide you with insights on the best sales deals. We also provide our customers with hardware as a service on certain products. 

Our specialists have all the data you need. We take care of the technical aspects, so you don’t have to.

Traditional Ireland based retailer stores do not have the technical know-how, experience or products for burgeoning companies. We work with businesses to ensure they have the right products to meet their business goals. 

Consumer Information & Advice

We offer data-driven advice on IT and product sales that are best suited to our client company needs. We look for the best sales available and offer financial advice.

Our channel of suppliers and manufacturers ensures we get our customers the sales they need.

Chat with our sales department about what products you may need, and we can get you the right information.

Office and Home systems

Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Hybrid Devices come as standard for most offices. You may need specific equipment for employees with disabilities, those working from home or on the move. Netsupport is here to provide you with everything you need.

Discover the best items for remote, home and office use. We ensure your equipment is working cohesively and troubleshoot any problems before they arise.

Upgrade your office with videoconferencing technology, speaker systems, communication devices etc.

Never worry about missing a meeting, call or deadline.

Hardware Upgrades

Should you need replacements or a system upgrade talk to Netsupport today. Older models may be broken, not performing to the needs of a busy office or simply outdated and incompatible with new software.

By finding the right sales channel we ensure you get the upgrades and part replacements needed for all our client hardware. 

Our technicians can run diagnostics on your hardware to discover any issues.

Print solutions

Should your office require printer and scanner solutions, Netsupport has two offerings available:

One-off purchases: 

We procure you the items that you need and ensure it arrives safely. Your in-house team take care of the hardware afterwards.

Managed printed solutions:

We will examine our client company requirements, current hardware state and install and replace when required. We will then take care of all other services from installation to repair and replacement of your printer and scanner hardware.

Managed print solutions are perfect for businesses that do not have an in-house technical team and who are looking for partners to look after aspects of their business.

Next-Day Customer Delivery

Need hardware and equipment in a hurry? Our ideally located offices and sales team can ensure you have next day delivery for the most important items.

Don’t wait for traditional delivery options when Netsupport is here to transport your products quickly. Perhaps you are renovating, relocating or expanding your office, contact Netsupport and we can deliver items when and where you need them.

We work with suppliers and delivery companies to ensure all our customers are reached no matter where they are in Ireland.

Network Equipment

If you need a stronger internet connection, Netsupport can supply your company with the best routers, boosters, cabling cabinets and firewall solutions.

Multi-office sites or home offices may need equipment that cannot be purchased at traditional stores. Have your company fully operational by using the best technology on the market.

Irelands regional areas will benefit from the use of routers and boosters to improve internet speeds and reduce lag time.

We can install and advise on the most secure networks to choose from and the hardware to go with this. Improving security and your company productivity.

Don’t let rural Ireland hinder your companies work. 

Hardware as a Service

All out purchases may not be what your company needs at this time, or you may need equipment for shorter periods. Netsupport operates Hardware as a Service allowing you to pay monthly fees on the hardware you are using now.

Pay month to month for the latest tech allowing you to use great systems without huge bills. 

Use laptops, desktops, printers and scanners as you need them. Talk to the Netsupport team about contract periods and associated costs.

Hardware as a service is ideal for start-ups and companies not yet ready to purchase new equipment.

Netsupport & Hardware Sales

Never worry about dropping into a store again with Netsupport here to guide you through the sales process. Working in the IT and hardware industry for over 20 years we have the experience and knowhow to provide our customers with the best advice on the products that they need.

No matter the size of your business having a sales department to work with, will save you money, provide you with the technical information you need and offer you all the IT information and solutions all businesses require.

Check the services on our website. You can see the experience we can bring to the table, not simply hardware sales advice but insider knowledge. 

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