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Explore pay-as-you-go cloud services for computing, storage infrastructure as well as platform services.

Scalable according to requirements and demands - truly elastic.

ISO Accredited data centres.

Reduce your capital expenditure on in-house server hardware.

Private cloud & Public cloud infrastuctures depending on your requirements.

Hosted virtual desktops. Work on your desktop from anywhere, anytime.

Automatic scheduled backups and geo-replication.

Enhanced redundancy, minimal downtime and highly flexible.

No contract, no minimum commitment.

Cloud services at Netsupport encompass a pay as you go service that is scalable to your needs, includes computing, storage infrastructure as well as a slew of services offerings that will propel your business forward. 

Cloud services provide security, real-time remote access, a well maintained and organised platform for your employees and business and it is the way forward for every business no matter its size.

Different types of cloud services have been utilised for years across many major industries. The development of new and exciting applications and tools means companies have even more to choose from. Not only data storage but the ability to scale and to use new operating systems all play a role in cloud services.

Netsupport is here to provide you with the latest and most accessible cloud computing services.

If you are not convinced on the merits of opting for cloud computing services have a look at what we have to offer and see if you are not convinced. A no obligations service, Netsupport are proud to offer our clients versatile and secure cloud computing options.

ISO Data centres

Netsupport provides access to ISO data centre facilities, the gold standard for data protection and storage in the world. For companies dealing with a large volume of data and sensitive material its important to know that you are fully protected. Cloud computing services rely on security and availability. This often means outsourcing to save on money and infrastructure costs. By using only, the best in the business, Newsupport ensures you never experience any downtime or issues with your operations.

Offsite data centres with ISO accreditation are the safest in Ireland and Netsupport ensure that you remain fully operational and connected to our data centre partners. Offsite centres ensure onsite issues do not affect your business operations.

Scalable according to needs

Perhaps your business is only starting out and you do not require all the services we have to offer. Netsupports cloud services are scalable and are determined by your needs and reviews by our team. We work with you ensuring you have everything needed while also providing the opportunity to scale and enhance operations when required.

You will not require additional staff or resources as we take care of this for you, allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of your business.

Having data and storage issues, then contact our team and we can look at ways that cloud computing will enhance and improve your business.

Cost reduction and cloud computing

Cloud computing services reduce the need for hardware and storage centres to be based on-site saving your company massive amounts of money. The need for large scale storage centres is no more with cloud computing, as you can store all your available data online in secure folders. 

Installation and maintenance of equipment will be reduced as you will need less, while more processes become digital.

If there are certain services or digital tools you need, cloud access will help you achieve this without the need to purchase long and costly subscriptions. Let out engineers know the basics of what you need and the services you require, and we can ensure that you have that and more.

Public and Private cloud availability

Another core benefit of cloud service is the access, availability and security it provides to both employees and customers.

Depending on your set-up you can have a private or public network that will only grant access to the correct individuals. Private availability is ideal for companies dealing with sensitive data and materials that need to be secured.

Public access networks are perfect for companies with a grassroots approach to customer interactions and one which allows businesses to flourish and maintain contact with their customers throughout their interactions with the company.

Public cloud services can include communication networks, record filing, complaints and much more. 

While private services can include payments, security, data transfer among many others.

Virtual desktops

Of growing importance within cloud computing is the ability to remotely access your files and systems. Home desktops can be utilised to function just like your office station allowing employees to conduct business away from the office. 

Some functionalities may be available on office systems that are not available on home systems, however, cloud computing nullifies these issues and allows the same level of access and security.

Cloud-based Automation.

One of the major benefits and the reasons for adopting cloud computing services early is the ability to utilise automation tools including storage and backup solutions for your business. Remote access, recoding of changes and edits to documents, reporting of systems issues and updates can all be managed and arranged from within your cloud system.

Salaries, reporting and virus protection can all also be automated ensuring your data remains safe and your operations at full capacity.

Automation frees up time, saves money and provides businesses and employees with peace of mind. Data issues and records can be salvaged and issues that may occur along with your systems will be combated by automation.

Having a closed system of operation leaves you vulnerable to data destruction and human error, cloud services ensure data is always aniline and can be salvaged at any time.

No Contract

When signing up to use Netsupport cloud services we do not believe in holding client to contracts and situations that do not work for them. We are confident in our abilities and the services that we provide that a contract is unnecessary.

Enhanced redundancy and minimal downtime

Perhaps the number one reason to utilise cloud computing services is the security that it provides to a company’s operations. Outdated closed-off systems are open to outside interference, hardware issues can be a major headache and systems updates can take time. Cloud services ensure that these and other issues never affect a business’s productivity and functionality.

Firewalls enhance security, remote access allows for alternative hardware solution’s to be utilised and communicational and access can continue when out of the office or abroad conducting business.

Cloud computing services at Netsupport

You will be forgiven for not knowing what exact cloud services are available to you, there as there are plenty to choose from. The most common types of cloud and some of what we offer here at Netsupport include:

Software as a service (SaaS)

Probably the most used and recognised cloud services are is Software as a Service (SaaS). This can include everything from email solutions to storage, file backup and recovery. Microsoft office 365, slack and Dropbox all fall under the umbrella of cloud services and allow employees and managers access to data and the ability to edit and send and receive files and other documents, though there are plenty more SaaS applications available.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a service falls under the umbral of all the hardware and data storage facilities that you do not wish to occupy your business or take up unnecessary space. At Netsupport this falls under the ISO data centres that we work alongside. You will find that many SaaS also use such centres and services as they are simply too large and costly to be maintained by smaller enterprises.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a service provides industries with the tools to develop their applications and tools. Users have total control over the process and simply pay for access to tools and resources such as VPN’s and internet connections.

Virtual hybrid cloud computing services are the way of the future. Netsupport can provide your business with private and public cloud solutions to maximise your businesses potential. Simply ask about the benefits of cloud to your business.

Rather than looking for third party cloud providers, use the skills and knowledge at Netsupport to develop an operating system that works for your business.

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