IT Support & Managed Services

Enjoy the benefits of a fully fledged IT department without the hefty costs.

Our IT Support contract clients receive:

Access to strategic IT advice and consultancy. We take a holistic approach tailored to your specific requirements.

Onsite, dial-in, email and phone support.

Guaranteed rapid response times Immediate dial in support. Prompt on-site arrival.

Fixed IT costs with unlimited support. No limit to support calls and no unexpected hefty support charges.

Network monitoring and pro-active maintenance via our Remote Monitoring and Maintenance service and via regular on-site maintenance visits.

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

Netsupport not only provide the tools and software for business to develop and expand we also offer managed services, taking your IT department to the next level. Managed services allow businesses to upgrade at a rapid pace with the knowledge that they have professional and plans in place to support their aims.

We believe in helping our customers businesses by offering managed services, be they cloud services, system monitoring, on-call assistance, network security and access to the latest tools and methodologies.

Traditional in-house and outsourced IT managed services are reactive and are more suitable for small businesses without any technical know-how or need. 

Managed IT services are always on, always accessible and designed to help your business grow at a rate that is impossible with traditional services.

Our contract clients receive all the benefits of a fully operational IT department without any of the additional costs. These support services offer a wide range of proactive monitoring of systems, technical know-how and outsourced solutions based in Ireland.

Strategic IT Advice and consultancy

Netsupport offers bespoke managed service packages based on our customer’s needs. We have experts in every field of IT, and we apply those who know your business best to your needs and requirements.

Working in conjunction with our customers we develop package plans which meet growing demand and technical capabilities.

We offer recommendations on support and tools to help your business including disaster recovery, cloud services, remote access, security protocols and team training, among others. Whatever strategies and plans you wish to put in place we have the team to support your needs.

From what applications to use to monitoring and product suggestions, Netsupport has the answers.

  • IT strategies and implementation
  • Recommendations on tools and software
  • Expert installation and training

Communication support

Never worry about downtime or communication issues with your dedicated IT managed services.

The Netsupport team can be contacted via email, dial-in, phone support or onsite. Our rapid communication allows us to identify and fix any issues or meet any requirements from your end.

Whether it’s a password issue, system crash or a simple tech question that needs to be answered, we are never far away.

Our helpdesk and company and system monitoring professionals will be on hand to answer any questions.

  • Rapid communication and response
  • Multiple channels of communication

Guaranteed onsite arrival.

No matter where you are in the country, Netsupport guarantees onsite arrival within two hours of a call. Not all issues can be redeemed remotely. We have dedicated onsite hardware technicians and IT specialists who can work on any issues that your system is facing.

We believe in a holistic hands-on approach to the services we are providing and are happy to have field technicians able to meet you in the field.

Company resources both hardware and software will be tested and diagnosed by IT technicians.

  • Onsite guarantee
  • Multiple channels of communication
  • Remote assistance where possible

Fixed cost IT support

Our contracts are fixed costs. We provide unlimited support without any unexpected fees. When organising your contract, we can give a breakdown of all the costs and associated charges including callouts, hardware replacement etc.

At Netsupport we want to be as transparent and open with our clients of both our costs and capabilities. We plan on long term relationships built on trust.

Tasking us with your IT and managed services is a level of trust and reliance that we appreciate.

Contract lengths are based on your needs and requirements.

  • No hidden fees or costs
  • Fixed cost contracts

Network monitoring and maintenance

Our 24/7 services mean we continually monitor and proactively seek out bugs and areas of improvement across your network. We conduct this through remote monitoring of your network and regular on-site maintenance visits.

Our proactive approach ensures minimal downtime and continuity of your business services. Discovering and reacting to service issues is a core component of our services.

Alerts will be sent in the event of issues and progress reports available.

  • Remote and onsite network monitoring
  • A proactive approach to system and security
  • Constant communication throughout 

Business continuity and disaster recovery

System onboarding and the training process of IT managed services will not result in any downtime of your business. We work in conjunction with existing infrastructure to wholly adopt your operating system.

Systems crashes, hacks or simple human error can have a massive impact on your business’s operational capabilities. It is for this reason we work with you to put in place strategies and tools to prevent such critical problems. This includes cloud services, disaster recovery plans, team training and network security testing.

Even the most sophisticated network is open to error, but with plans in place, the difficulties can be minimised.

  • Disaster recovery plans and training
  • Use of latest cloud software and services.
  • Backup and recovery packages available

Netsupport Managed IT services- How you benefit from us.

Remote team

With offices based in Nenagh and Portlaoise, we are strategically placed to assist our customers throughout Ireland. Our remote IT managed services allow us to work away from your offices, freeing up vital office space and manpower. We can provide in-house technicians should the need arise within your business. 

Broad-based expert knowledge

Our team of IT professionals continually upskill and learn the latest in business tools and technologies that can help your business. We provide insights and suggestions on new methods and we have the know-how of existing infrastructure ensuring you get the best in managed IT services.

Reduction of costs

In-house IT costs in terms of finance, space and manpower can be quite high especially for new businesses. By outsourcing some or all your IT needs you will save tremendously and gain access to tools and experience that cannot be found with in-house teams. We work with companies ranging from 1 to 100 employees and each has experienced the benefits of outsourcing their IT needs to us.

Proactive vs. Reactive

Managed IT services are proactive rather than reactive. We are always there should critical problems arise, and we monitor your systems to ensure that we catch any problems early. Rather than waiting for an issue to arise we resolve problems before they cause problems within your company.

Our IT team know your business, where to look for critical problems and how best to solve problems that you have.

Reactive traditional IT departments may not be able to assist with issues out of the office or have the tech know-how to assist with modern software and tools, our broad team of experts can meet any challenge.

Room for expansion

IT managed services means you have access to all the tools are at our disposal. This allows for rapid expansion and the onboarding of new tools and strategies. 

Continually work with us on developing your needs and requirements and Netsupport will be here to implement them.

Inhouse IT is limited to subscriptions and outdated software. At Netsupport we seek out the latest tools that work for your business and use cloud-based technologies to ensure you have access and the knowledge on who to use such tech.


If you do no adapt to changes quickly you may be left behind in your industry. Managed IT services are the way forward with companies such as ours dedicated to working with Irish business making them stand out in saturated crowds.

Use modern tools and strategies for your business, have professional IT personnel on call to resolve any issues and focus on the more important aspects of your business.

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