Email & Spam Solutions

Our managed email service allows our clients to choose between cloud hosted or on-premise email solutions that exceed the demanding requirements of today's always-on, always connected, mobile world.

Office 365, Cloud Hosted or In-house Exchange, or IMAP / POP shared hosting.

Easy Domain and Email hosting & Domain registration and renewal.

Remove 99% of spam and phishing emails with In-house or Cloud Hosted Spam Filtering. Featuring Daily reports, Quarantining, Phishing Protection and Malicious URL Blocking, Subject/Content Filters and Antivirus scanning.

Mobile email. Access corporate emails, calendars and tasks on mobile devices. Mobile device management available -remote lock, wipe and delete.

Integrate Office 365 Packages incorporating business email with communication (Skype for Business / Teams) and the Microsoft Office application suite (Word, Excel, Outlook etc) along with cloud storage through OneDrive for Business or Sharepoint.

Email security - Protect email using Multifactor authentication, mobile device management, Advanced Threat Protection, Encryption, Data Loss Prevention, and Identity Protection & Management.

Email remains the key mode of communication for businesses throughout the world. As businesses grow there is a need for email management and email filtering solutions that meet demand and the threats of email phishing and malware attacks.

Businesses lose millions every year and receive damage to their reputations by not protecting their email accounts and company information. 

Netsupport is here to help businesses realise the importance of email, how best to harness it to their advantage and the preventive spam filtering solutions that we provide.

The Importance of Email

Business contact leads, clients and partners through email every day. Due to the high volume of email traffic, it’s important to have a clean, secure and manageable email system in place.

Email filtering and spam solutions help your business prevent attacks, increase productivity and allow for better communication within your company.

Netsupport provides email management solutions and email filtering security features to businesses throughout Ireland. Let’s examine how we help businesses become more productive and safer.

Email Management Solutions

Email integration

Our managed email service allows our clients to choose between cloud-hosted or on-premises solutions that exceed the demanding requirements of today’s always-on, always-connected, mobile world.

Netsupport offer our clients Office 365, cloud-hosted or In-house exchange or IMAP / POP shared hosting.

These options give you the possibility of full control over your server and storage choices and the option of using Cloud-based email and office 365 integration. Reducing hardware costs and allowing for a wider degree of flexibility on storage and email sharing and messaging options.

By using in-house exchanges, you add an extra layer of email security to your system by sectioning off parts of your system to outside interference.

This is an idea for internal communication and networking between senior management, allowing for more sensitive data to be shared and reducing the chances of emails becoming corrupted.

Domain visibility & Email registration

Easy domain registration and email hosting and renewal, come as standard to many of our new customers and those developing new websites. Domain and email registration can be time-consuming and complicated for those who have not done so before.

Netsupport takes care of this for you and ensures you have a professional-looking domain and email account for your business.

We can set up email forwarding and other options to ensure you never miss an important communication.

Yearly renewal means your account is always active and producing professional emails.

It’s important to find an email host with security options enabled and ones that cannot be easily breached. We only work with the best domain and web hosts to ensure your business safety.

Mobile email accessibility

Access corporate emails, calendar events and tasks on mobile devices. Netsupport helps improve safety by providing mobile management tools such as remote lock, wipe and delete.

Use your email on the go with the knowledge that the information is safe from human error and data loss. In every working environment, it’s important to have safety and access to important data while on the move.

We can help train your staff on preventive measures and the risk of phishing attacks via public Wi-Fi and device best practice.

Office 365 integration

We integrate Office 365 packages, incorporating business email with communication (Skype for Business / Teams) and the Microsoft Office application suite (Word, Excel, Outlook etc) along with cloud storage through OneDrive for Business or SharePoint.

Office 365 and Microsoft 365 brings you the most up to date communications and collaboration systems for businesses of all sizes. 

Use an all-in-one platform to send emails, create events, documents and collaborate with teams from around the world. 

Advanced features include speech to email, allowing you to record important points or send quick memos.

File sharing and saving will become easier for your team through the integration of a single system across your company.

Email Security solution

Email Spam filtering

Remove 99% of spam emails and phishing emails with in-house or cloud-hosted spam filtering. We use the latest software and tools to ensure your corporate emails remain clean and spam-free. Remove unwanted subscriptions and spam emails at the click of a button.

Featuring Daily reports, Quarantining, Phishing Protection and Malicious URL Blocking, Subject/Content Filters and Antivirus scanning.

Our email filtering solution ensures your business remains safe from advanced threats, it automatically scans emails for suspicious links and attachments.

Using advanced tools, we work on zero-day preventive measures by predicting potential attacks and weak points within your email apparatus. Therefore, attacks are stopped before they have begun.

Email security on the move

Protect your email by using Multifactor authentication. Use personal details, physical attributes and company credentials to ensure safety while on the move. 

We engage with our clients to ensure they have the best levels of protection available for both, their employees and customers. We use multiple layers of advanced protection to ensure our client’s safety:

  • Mobile device management
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Encryption
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Identity Protection & Management

These are just some of the services that we provide to our clients. These features mean you maintain access and control over your emails and important lead and customer information.

Personal phishing attacks can lead to businesses becoming compromised, we train employees on best practices for securing information at home, in the office and on the move.

What is anti-spam software?

We are often asked what spam filtering software does and why do business need it. Here we will answer those questions, so you understand the need for anti-spam solutions and email filtering for your business.

What does anti-spam software do?

Email filtering and anti-spam technologies are used to block inbound and outbound emails from sending malicious content. This can include malware, spyware, potential phishing attacks to virus-laden email etc.

Anti-spam filtering scans email content, links, attachments, sender information etc. 

If something is detected emails filters remove these emails and send detailed reports, to Netsupport your IT or those in charge of system protection.

Inhouse administrators or those with the correct access can white and blacklist these emails to ensure only trusted communication is allowed.

To qualify as anti-spam filtering technology be it software, cloud hosting or other measure, products must:

  • Filter emails for harmful content 
  • Identify senders or suspicious respondents to prevent phishing attacks.
  • Provide blacklisting and blocking capabilities by individuals or email manager.

The solutions which Netsupport provide, do all of this and more to ensure our clients have the highest levels of protection.

Why would businesses need anti-spam filtering?

That is two-fold it is to protect your business and the information of your employees and customers. 

Advanced attacks can mislead employees into divulging sensitive information and compromising your business’s operational systems.

Spam email is an issue that can have a huge impact on businesses. Spam and cyberattacks can lead to malware attacking servers and office applications.

This can shut businesses down, lead to customer dissatisfaction and criminal acts against your business. That is why it’s hugely important to have strong anti-spam filters in place.

What you need in your business email filters:

The best anti-spam email filters monitor inbound and outbound emails to discover any malicious content or harmful attachments that may cause harm.

A cloud-based email spam filter can be deployed across all devices connected to your system allowing for high-level access and reporting across your entire system. This helps highlight weak points that exist that may be unnoticed otherwise.

Spam filters are not created equal and can be configured or upgraded when required so businesses can expand their threat protection when needed.

Email security terms:


This is a form of email attack that uses disguised emails to pose as legitimate businesses or individuals. Such emails aim to obtain sensitive data such as passwords, usernames or financial data. Phishing attacks can be quite complicated and difficult to notice.


Malware is any software specifically designed to attack operating systems and can do tremendous damage to companies. Examples of malware include trojan horses, Ransomware, worms, spyware etc.


This is the process of sending unsolicited, multiple or duplicated messages to an unwilling recipient. Many of these contain software and techniques that can damage a business.

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