Network Security

Next generation network security solutions for an ever changing world.

Cloud based endpoint antivirus protection - Zero day threats covered.

Mobile device encryption and mobile device management - Securing all endpoints.

Disk encryption, user and machine control.

End user & staff security awareness training: "Creating Human Firewalls".

Unified Threat Management through next generation firewalls with threat intelligence and user behaviour analysis.

Network security audits. Gap analysis and risk assessments.

Policy suite - documentation review, policy design, Information Security Management System (ISMS) and framework design.

Data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity services. Consultancy, planning, implementation, documentation, testing and review.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): Analysis of network events and log data providing event correlation, threat monitoring and incident response providing complete visibility on a network in real-time.

Network security is important to the functioning of any company online network. Digital network security employs additional safeguards for both internal and external threats. 

Network security and the open-access Wi-Fi that we use for our day to day lives simply does not function. Firms are vulnerable to criminal and legal action should their network security be weak. Data and access must be protected. 

What is Network security?

It is a system of safeguards and preventive measures that protect your business data to a higher degree that standard digital and hardware operations. Password control, time management and network access all full under the umbrella of your network security.

NetSupport and Your Network Security

NetSupport provides professional network security options that allow corporations to function as normal, but with additional safeguards to protect their data. This is important from both a practical and legislative standpoint. 

If your business or a customer’s content was to be exposed from your network, then there could be untold damage done to your business’s reputation and to how you accurately conduct business.

Netsupport has developed and learned from changes to network security from around the world. This has allowed us to develop safe and fully operational network security options for our clients.

Where passwords were once enough to protect a business account, network security and other resources must now be deployed.

Cloud-based endpoint antivirus protection:

Cloud-based endpoint protection is the latest in Anti-virus protection. This will protect your firms’ technologies ranging from laptops and mobile phones to servers and desktops while still allowing access even when remote. 

Cloud-based protection ensures any machines attached to your cloud network are safe and that any configurations or changes needed can be done rapidly through a secure network. This is one of the most important network security measures that you can utilize as it serves your entire network in one overarching protective measure.

You can manage content on your site, secure certain networks and provide access to individuals from your cloud network.

Mobile device encryption and mobile device management

Many companies require employees to take work and communication devices home with them. It is important to be able to both monitor and protect these devices. Netsupport does this through a process of encryption and device management. 

Encryptions block thieves and malware from attacking your machines while mobile device management will allow you to monitor points of access, who is online and if devices are being used correctly.

Disk encryption, user and machine control.

Though we would prefer it not to happen, mistakes can be made, and vital company intelligence left out in the open. The best preventive measure following this is encryption. Items cannot be monitored all the time; this is human nature.

Netsupport can provide encryption technologies in the form of disks, laptops and other devices which may contain passwords and other access authentication methods. This will ensure that any business details that go missing will be protected.

User and machine control ensure only those with specific access can log on and use certain devices and information. Digital keys and the use of a password are two traditional security methods, though we can incorporate more modern biometric information if it suits your network security better. 

End-user & staff security awareness training: 

Being aware of potential threats and ensuring devices are secure is essential for your employees. Netsupport is experts in training and developing preventive measure and we are happy to provide training to our clients.

By understanding where threats come from and what protocols to follow, you minimise the risk to your business and teach your staff valuable insights into network security.

Working under monitored supervision we are sure your staff will lean a great deal about network security. No longer will they have to check for passwords as they will have the resources to understand better network security methods.

Unified Threat Management through next-generation firewalls

This incorporates biometric and 2-FA authentication and the monitoring and recording of access content. Next-generation intelligence and behaviour control allows you to monitor what is occurring on your network.

Being at the forefront of next-generation network security will give you an advantage over the competition.

Network security audits. Gap analysis and risk assessments.

At Netsupport we provide you with the latest in protective software and hardware and we also provide our clients with comprehensive security audits and systems to put in place.

We conduct these to find gaps within your security system, assess risks and provide advice on protection and security measures should your firm need such services.

We can conduct these as a once-off practice or provide quarterly and yearly reports. As corporations and networks develop your business may be open to more risks than before. Gaps in network security and human error can expose your business network to various risks. 

Our expert security audits ensure that any issues are recognised and that your systems have the best quality protection available.

Policy suite – Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Our policy suite is another great benefit that can help your network security. We help you establish and put in place policies regarding how best to protect your data. This information can be shared with various stakeholders and includes data security information, contact details and other legal and technical aspects that businesses need.

This area is especially important for businesses that deal with large volumes of customer data. Not having the right framework in place can leave you open to legal ramifications in the future.

By providing you with the right resources you can develop a plan that works for your network.

Data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity services. 

No matter how impenetrable a system may seem, there is always the chance of human error and gaps within the network security system. It’s important to have a system backup and a plan in place in the event of emergencies, the loss of data and who know what else.

Having a secure network, cloud support and responses ready will limit your businesses exposure, reduce any downtime and ensure your customers that both you and they are protected. 

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): Looking at your Network security.

Network security and event monitoring has become ever more important with the rise in remote and home working solutions for the workforce. SIEM systems, allow you to view network security events when and how you need them. SIEM works by making available network security and employee and system analysis.

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