Remote Access Solutions

Increase business productivity and client responsiveness with secure external remote access to your networks.

Secure remote access interconnecting all your sites. This is ideal for organisations with muliple office / site locations. Site to site & multi-site VPN

IPSEC & SSL secure VPN tunnelling. We use military grade encryption paired with two factor authentication to eliminate exposure and ensure data protection.

Scalable, easy to deploy, user friendly, secure access to your corporate network from laptops and mobile devices.

Powerful firewalls providing Unified Threat Management with full threat and user behaviour intelligence.

Reduce downtime, increase productivity and communication with remote access solution from Netsupport.

With increasing demand by employees and a growing need for employers to provide remote work options, companies need solutions that will work for them. 

If you have a majority office-based business, then you can benefit from work from home and remote work options. All you need is the right tools put in place to help your business transition effectively.

What is a Remote access solution?

Remote access solutions allow employees and colleagues to securely access your private business network including files, projects and/or hardware etc.

While there are many private network channels to use, it is always best to go with a professional company that can provide you with the insights, safety and knowhow that you will need.

Safety and Remote Access Solution

Companies big and small that wish to provide remote work solutions for employees face several challenges that must be overcome. Network safety, a secure access solution, correct configuration of your system and training of your staff on how to operate new access software and tools.

At Netsupport, we provide all of this and more with our host of IT and network solutions.

Remote access allows employees to work from anywhere and in real-time. Documents and projects can be worked on and accessed through secure networks and business benefit from reduced costs, employee satisfaction and an array of benefits which we will look at further below.

Netsupport and Remote Access Solution

At Netsupport we provide a private remote access solution to businesses of all sizes, ensuring safety, connectivity and continuous support throughout your life cycle with us.

As companies move away from their secure in-house networks and entrust much safety and control into the hands of employees, they also open themselves up to new threats and instances of human error which can be detrimental to your business. That is why it’s important to go with a network provided that can eliminate these threats and provide the same security and confidence as an in-house team. Netsupport does this for businesses throughout Ireland.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are secure virtual networks that add additional safety to individuals and private users. Netsupport can provide VPNs to companies allowing them to operate in safety while hiding valuable security information from potential outside threats.

VPNs can be configured to work across networks, between office sites and from office to home sites. This creates interconnected but individually secure areas within your company network.

VPNs allow your employees and colleagues to access your system network from anywhere in the world through a secure channel. This ensures safety on public networks and allows for data to be accessed in real-time in the event of time-sensitive actions.

Work securely in the knowledge that your information is protected and hidden from outside interference and influence.

Data Security and Encryption

At Newport, we use IPSEC & SSL secure VPN tunnelling. With military-grade encryption and 2-factor authentication, only those with the correct credentials can access your network. Highly secure in the event of hardware mishaps or criminal activity.

2-factor authentication will often include something you know and something you have, i.e., a password, your username, I.D, work credentials etc. More advanced security will include biometric information such as fingerprint, palm and iris scans.

At Netsupport, our IPSEC & SSL secure VPN tunnelling in conjunction with 2-FA will secure your network.

Scalability and User Friendly

Our remote access solution options are scalable to all business sizes and can be easily transferable across many networks. Fully remote solutions are available allowing you to onboard and train individuals in different localities. This is a perfect solution for businesses that outsource work or who do not need a full-time in-house team.

Access solutions can be deployed across smartphones, desktops and laptops allowing for ease and real-time access by employees. Employees can submit edit and view work while on the move. Remote access solutions allow for real-time changes and observations to be made at critical times and across time zones, allowing your company to flourish in many new markets.

Firewall Protection

Unified Threat Management (UTM) provided by powerful firewalls allows for a security apparatus working on multiple access points throughout your network. The UTM is fully operational and can notify you of threats and unusual before across your network in real-time. Like cloud-based solutions, these firewalls provide a one size fits all model. You don’t have to worry about clunky appliances and tools failing, the UTM works across all areas at the same time.

Benefits of a Remote Access Solution to Business and Employees

  • Virtual private networks are highly secure and allow your employees to work from home or from abroad in real-time.
  • The installation of access software and proper training will provide your employees with the knowledge and insight into how to effectively use remote access options.
  • Security will be enhanced with 2-factor authentication and the use of passwords, ID and other security protocols.
  • Remote work or work from home can be introduced into the workplace making for a better work-life balance.
  • Your company will reduce overheads required for staffing and hardware solutions on-premises.
  • Remote desktop access may be another viable option for employees who need to use specific tools and functions that are not available via home laptops and mobile devices.
  • Remote work solutions allow business owners to hire outside of the traditional pool of talent. It allows for the use of contractors and the outsourcing of more work.
  • The cost of desktop computers, telephones, rents etc is reduced.
  • Working remotely has not had a negative impact on employee productivity. 

Why choose Netsupport?

Netsupport has been working in the IT and network security industry for over two decades. We provide Irish companies with professional, reliable and advanced solutions to their IT network and system’s needs.

We have developed solutions and support services for cloud, email, remote access and data backup and recovery events across all major industries in Ireland.

We can help you develop remote work programmes, training, VPN knowledge and device and computer safety across your entire network.

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