20 October 2020

Microsoft 365: The Universal Toolkit

Microsoft 365 empowers people to express their ideas more effectively, inspiring innovation with technology that unlocks human creativity. Microsoft 365 offers a broad range of apps and services that give you flexibility and choice in how you connect, share and communicate.

Teams is a major driving force in the adoption of Microsoft’s “Universal Toolkit” that allows people to easily and efficiently collaborate in an intuitive workspace. In the wake of Covid-19, there has been a shift in priorities for business where they want to stop their employees working in an inefficient way.

Productivity Fails

Do you know how much company time is being spent by employees as they try to

1) Find the information they are looking for?

2) Wait on someone that has the information?

3) Recreate information that is already published?

So what is the potential solution? How do you make your employees work more efficiently?

The universal toolkit incorporates the use of SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive. Each of these come with the most basic of Microsoft Licencing starting from €4.20 per user per month. This licence gives you 1TB of SharePoint storage plus an extra 10GB per licence. On top of that, each individual user receives 1TB of personal corporate storage.

The Digital Transformation

Company data is stored on SharePoint. OneDrive allows users to sync that data to their computers and mobile devices for easy access. Teams allows colleagues to work together on that data using conversations, tags, meetings, co-authoring and notifications.

The question is how can the toolkit make a positive impact on your company’s day to day operations? Let’s walk through a typical morning in the life of using the toolkit in its most simplest form.

A Day of Office 365

The toolkit means that information is at your fingertips, whether you’re in a client office, at home or in the office. Your information and the means to access it remains the same. This pushes the digital transformation of your employees and allows for a geographical independent workforce.

With many employees seeking the desire for more flexibility in their work, these tools can offer just that so that they aren’t tied to a desk or fumbling with VPNs.

Data, Data Everywhere

The pain point in making the digital change can be around data. In order to get the use of the Toolkit correct, you must migrate your data into SharePoint online. Many companies have relied on file servers which can be beneficial and work well but sometimes, there is no real intelligence in how that data is managed. There can be thousands of folders with limited knowledge on how that data is used. Now is the time to re think how that data is managed and leverage the use of SharePoint online to be more proactive with your information.

Jumping into the Cloud

The first thing to do is to contact us for an analysis of what your operation may need. This is down to the numbers of mailboxes and the size of the data that you have on your systems. It also depends on what you want to gain from Microsoft 365 and how you want to improve your day to day productivity.

NetSupport can discuss what options are best for you. You can look at certain pieces of the toolkit to improve productivity or increase your licencing model and take in more of what Microsoft 365 has to offer. You can see more details on those options here.

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