28 October 2020

IT Workforce Training and Why It’s Important

With a properly structured and consistent program, employee training could be a company’s competitive advantage. The need for workforce training cannot be overstated and although training requires resources such as time and money, not partaking in training programs for fear of lacking in these resources is more of a loss to your company.

Engaging untrained employees is a risk to company resources, not to mention the lower product value such a workforce produces. An untrained workforce can be unhappy compared to those who feel adequate and supported as a result of training programs at their places of work. An unhappy workforce runs the risk of underperformance and might lead to customer dissatisfaction.

A trained workforce, on the other hand, feels motivated, is more innovative and efficient. These factors create a confident workforce, which creates a favourable working environment that ultimately improves productivity and leads to profitability.

Why is IT Training Critical for Your Workforce?

Of all the different kinds of workforce training you could provide your employees; IT training is one of the most important.

Globally, businesses have moved their operations in one way or another into the digital space as they aim to leverage the powerful tools that come with Information Technology.

In this information era, companies that are harnessing the power of IT are fast becoming leaders in their respective industries. The advantage of training your workforce coupled up with the potential of IT sums up to fast-paced, top-quality productivity in your team.

There are many reasons why you would want to train your employees in IT. It could be as simple as learning to use a particular feature at work, or perhaps you’re looking to introduce a new kind of tech in your operations or enhance employee use of the right protocols to pass information, among numerous other reasons. 

Regardless, you do not want to depend on untrained employees; neither do you want them to seek training elsewhere.

Due to the evolving nature of IT, just hiring tech-savvy employees is not enough. Your employees need to keep tabs on new technologies in the market. This way, you can keep your workforce knowledge on technology relevant and enhance their ability to operate cutting edge Information Technology devices.

The use of CRM’s, video chat software, editing tools and much more, are just some areas in which you can increase your employee knowledge. Small benefits that can provide a big impact is what your business should be striving for.

IT Training Could Save Your Entire Business

Whether intentional or not, the loss of data or any other resources can be detrimental. 

In the past, businesses have had to shut down as a result of breaches in their systems. 

IT training is, therefore, not only crucial for the growth of a business but is also an important factor in mitigating risks from losses of external attack or vulnerabilities.

At Netsupport we provide safeguards and applications which can help prevent loss of information and damage control for any mishaps that may occur.

Information from the National Data Protection Survey indicates that more than half of Irish companies had suffered a data breach within twelve months in 2015.

The report also showed an increase in hacking attacks and an increase in employee negligence within Irish organizations. 

In 2019, Ireland recorded the second-highest number of data breach notifications per capita across Europe. 

To safeguard against such events, it’s vital to train your staff in IT.

Better yet employ the expert knowledge of Netsupport.

We provide email, remote, backup and recovery solutions, and much more. We can train your employees in the use of our software and systems to reduce our input and increase your business productivity and know-how.

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