6 November 2020

COVID-19 and Cloud Software

Since the start of the pandemic, many companies and individuals have adopted a work from home model. Be it for a few days a week or a permanent change, many companies are moving their data to cloud software. 

The adoption of cloud networking offers companies’ numerous advantages. For instance, IT departments no longer have to buy, deploy, or maintain data files in-house. 

It’s also effortless to access and update data automatically.

At Netsupport we offer cloud, backup, recovery services and much more to assist our clients in these challenging times.

Cloud services are not only for global corporations. They are powerful tools for small and medium-sized businesses too!

What Is Cloud?

Cloud refers to a better way of accessing and deploying information stored online. Cloud networking reduces the complexity and cost of IT service delivery. Opposed to previous solutions, cloud networking simplifies tasks and makes it very easy for businesses to run and control their operations.

Group projects and business plans can be updated at any time, from anywhere.

Access can be granted to bodies and departments allowing for better communication and knowledge sharing. 

This is ideal for life at the moment, as face to face interactions are impossible.

Why Cloud?

Companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple have used cloud software for years. Entire companies such as HubSpot are founded on the strength of cloud software systems. If you are a small or medium-sized company, you may be wondering how cloud services may apply to you. The following are just some of the advantages cloud services provide:

Easily accessible

Users can easily retrieve information stored on the cloud whenever they wish and from wherever. This may be important for marketing and sales teams and managerial staff.


One can quickly scale up or down, depending on the needs of their business. This has been made so easy allowing businesses to save costs during periods of low traffic. Working with remote workers lets you hire on-demand and not permanently. At Netsupport we can increase cloud requirements and needs deposing on those of your business.


Cloud keeps track of all activities; hence, one can measure, control, manage, and generate a report of all resources used. This way, the business only pays for the assets and resources it uses.


The cloud doesn’t only offer storage. It also provides a wide range of other cloud services that are very important for the smooth running of a business. Services like hosted desktops mean you can access your work from wherever. As a result, employee performance improves.


If one server stops functioning, users can still access their stored information from another server. This means that businesses don’t have to worry about data loss. 


One of the best things about the cloud is that there’s no need for hardware for the physical storage of data. Ultimately, the impact on the environment is less.


The level of security that you find here can’t compare to what you find anywhere else. Information stored online is regularly monitored, and any issues are addressed ASAP. It’s also quite difficult for anyone to find your backup data because it’s not in a physical location.


Cloud services provide huge upsides and ease the workload for businesses. During these difficult times, businesses have been forced to make a move towards cloud software. As a result, they have benefitted from seamless growth and other high-level advantages such as reduced expenditure, flexibility, functionality, and ease of access. 

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