7 October 2020

3 Key Concerns For Companies Switching To Work-From-Home Schemes Due To Covid-19

Many brick-and-mortar organisations are switching to work-from-home schemes in favour of remote work. 

While remote work certainly has great benefits, it also presents several unique challenges.

Technology has certainly been a pivotal factor in the popularity of remote work. With Covid-19 restricting movements and physical interactions, many organisations and businesses have had to rely on technology to maintain their workflows and to accomplish their operational tasks.

Working from home involves the use of video chats, conference calls, time-tracking software, communication tools, remote access tools, and many more that now comprise online work. 

Whether you outsource or have your in-house team, technology provides new capabilities, having the right tools and the right mindset can make remote work increasingly beneficial to your enterprise.

There are three key concerns associated with switching from traditional office or work settings to remote working conditions.


Even before Covid-19, many workplaces and business environments had steadily begun to embrace remote work. In fact, studies indicate that more and more employees feel they are more productive when working from home. Many companies are beginning to see proof that productivity doesn’t suffer as they are now forced into remote work.

Productivity is a universal concern for any business or organisation. Can the organisation provide the right tools to get the same output out of the employees? While technology comes with its mishaps and glitches, setting up the right remote access solutions can bring out more productivity from your employees.

2. Scalability

There’s a  great amount of uncertainty about what work-life may look like after the Covid-19 pandemic. Employees may not have to return to traditional work settings to accomplish their tasks or to be fully productive.

Moving forward, a large percentage of employees will likely continue to work remotely. Many companies and businesses that had introduced quick, short-term technology solutions for remote work may now have to consider more long term or even permanent solutions. Many organisations tested remote working options with only a small section of employees, however they are now forced to consider setting up more permanent and even long-term systems to support remote work.

Scalability is now a great concern for many enterprises. To ensure maximum productivity, organisations now have to employ more scalable and easy to deploy remote work systems. These systems must seamlessly scale to support a significant rise in the number of users moving forward or risk the reduced quality of user experiences. Slower remote working tools, for instance, may significantly lower employee productivity. 

3. Security

Whether employees use company-issued devices or their own hardware, security is a key concern in remote work. 

Remote access may present threats such as malware and spyware with a direct route into the main data centres. 

Organisations with multiple remote offices or sites will want to eliminate exposure to threats and ensure data protection. 

The average home environment can easily have a more diverse communication and processing system than a small company. The devices employees use for work may likely operate in between routers, home automation systems, gaming consoles, printers, and other foreign machines.

Cybercriminals are, of course, relentlessly innovative, adaptive, and persistent. 

Therefore, remote access solutions must have key features such as secure VPN tunnelling, high-level encryption, 2-3 factor authentication, powerful firewalls, and user intelligence behaviour detection systems among other security features.

In Conclusion

Partnering with the right IT solutions company can help your business overcome these three concerns and ensure you maintain workflows and full productivity.

Net Support can take away all your IT headaches and provide the kind of IT support your business needs to weather the pandemic and to help you focus on what matters the most; the actual work.

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